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 "Being a loyal companion of children's aesthetic education and growth" is wingart's mission. The Chinese are the nation that values education most in the world. Aesthetic education is the most important part of Chinese culture. It integrates thought, morality, aesthetics, creativity and art, and has become the pinnacle of Chinese people's spiritual life. When we started producing children's art drawing materials for the world, we were able to discover an endless supply of drawing creativity and fun.

       In this way, Wingart started from a piece of children's painting materials and gradually grew into one of the leading brands in the domestic children's painting materials industry. It has also become an important comprehensive children's painting materials company in the world. As a national brand loved by consumers, Wingart is creating an innovative path for children's painting materials, completing the transformation from Made in China to Created in China, and moving towards a world-class children's painting materials brand with global creativity and quality. We also gather talents and resources from around the world, integrate creative value and service advantages, and become a force that promotes industry and social progress.

       We look forward to sharing Wingart's creative children's painting materials with you, as well as our business philosophy, our commitment to environmental protection, technological development, social harmony, and our social responsibility for public welfare and charity. Thank you for your support of wingart and welcome you to grow together with Yunzhicai!

Chairman and CEO:总经理
President Quotes
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