【 Good news 】 "Washable glow-in-the-dark street pigment" won the excellent award of functional innov
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October 14, 2021 China Cultural and educational Supplies industry Summit Forum was held in Shanghai, the same time released the 2021 Si Duan Xing · China Cultural and Educational office Supplies Innovation Award winning product list. TheWingart group won a number of awards.


     Wingart's "Art Kingdom" brand product -- "Washable luminous road pigment" won the excellent award of functional innovation of Chinese cultural and education office supplies. This is the company's creative design, green manufacturing, technology innovation and other aspects of the ability, strength of full proof and strong recognition.


   The review rules of this year's "2021 Si Tong Xing · China Culture and Education Office Supplies Innovation Award" have changed greatly compared with last year, from the dimension and direction of product evaluation and review based on the industry product category and functional adjustment.


      The association hopes to continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises in product development, technological innovation, appearance design, green and low-carbon development and product packaging by combining their own advantages from different perspectives of product function, appearance design, technical parameters and environmental protection.


      Thinking about the social environment, Yunzhicai Group attaches more importance to the promotion of green design and green manufacturing technology. As a demonstration unit in the production of children's art materials in China, we have been advocating high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly products for children as our responsibility.


Washable luminous pigment of the road is designed for children aged 3 art life art product development design, water environmental protection, can let oneself, friends, family, DIY of indoor and outdoor water paint, the creative process is very simple, can be on the road, on the wall, the patterns of the picture you want, such as writing, painting, the creation of the follow one's inclinations, Creativity is not limited, can freely give play to imagination DIY texture, pattern and other artistic appearance, in line with especially children, children for special tools, product safety, environmental protection, artistic, convenient, personalized needs. Artistic characteristics are: after the use of pigment creation, with light, sunlight and other direct close distance irradiation for 5 minutes, or with ultraviolet lamp irradiation for 2 minutes, placed in the dark environment, can appear luminous effect, the longer the absorption time, the better the luminous effect, the more lasting. This product has 6 basic colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet light fluorescent colors.




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