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      Cloud aesthetic education national defense education class

      Children are the future of a country and the hope of a nation. It has always been the goal of all countries in the world to create a good family, social and learning environment for all children so that they can grow up healthy, happy and happy. "To be a faithful companion of children's aesthetic education and growth" has always been the mission of Yunzhicai Group.

     Cloud Beauty Education National Defense education course, as a public welfare project that Cloud Color Group has been adhering to, has carried out several rounds of courses in Heyuan cooperative schools under the guidance of the Department of Human Forces of Yuancheng District, Heyuan City, since the school began in the spring of 2022.

      On April 28 and May 13, Cloud Aesthetic Education and National Defense Education Office carried out tie-dye lantern making courses in Kangning Road Primary School and Park East Primary School, respectively.





Kangning Road primary school opening scene





                                                                                           Park East Elementary School opening scene

        South newspaper reporter to Heyuan cloud practice learning

       In the afternoon of May 3, the South newspaper reporter came to our Heyuan manufacturing factory Heyuan Cloud Industry Co., LTD. Through the on-site study and field visit, the young reporters learn the knowledge of art supplies, understand the pigment production process, read the painting works, feel the beauty of the process.

       Under THE LEADERSHIP OF Mr. Liu TingSHU, THE STUDENTS walked into the production workshop in an orderly manner. From the first floor to the third floor, the students read the painting works of Cloud Industry pigment, watched the production process of crayons, and visited the pigment research and development room. Entering the exhibition hall of pigment products, Mr. Liu explained the characteristics of pigment to the students carefully: all the products of the company are used by children, so we pay special attention to product safety and material health, and the safety of products has been recognized internationally.

       When they came to the works area of Children's Art Museum, students stood in front of the works of pottery, painting, tie-dyeing and handcraft, and admired them all the time.





Heyuan Cloud color Children's Art Museum site


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