Those youthful days that can’t be returned—Memories of Children’s Day
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When I was a teenager, I eagerly wanted to grow up and enter the adult world.

After growing up, I still reminisce about those youthful moments that I can’t get back.

The time of being a teenager is always so interesting: accompanied by mom and dad, you can go shopping, watch a movie, or buy a beautiful dress. The happiness at that time was so simple.





When I think of my childhood, that innocent and bright smile still emerges in my memory. When I was a child, I was naughty and happy. I spent the best time in my life jumping around on the gravel road with my bare feet, climbing up trees and poking at bird's nests, and going fishing by the river with two or three good friends.





On May 28, Heyuan Yuncai Industrial Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yunzhicai, held a public welfare activity to celebrate Children's Day and teach children to make clay and paint.

 Giving all children a wonderful childhood, creating a good family, social and learning environment for them, and allowing them to grow up healthily, happily and happily has always been Yunzhicai's mission.

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