Yunzhicai and Wanda Culture reached an animation IP cooperation agreement
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       Following its last cooperation with the well-known animation IP Juanjuan, Yunzhicai has reached a copyright cooperation agreement with the animation IP "Undersea Column" of Wanda Baby King, a subsidiary of Wanda Culture.

      "Undersea Column" is a globally popular ocean adventure cartoon. This cooperation is our company's recognition of the popularity of this animation IP and is committed to the development of derivatives of this animation IP.



The copyright owner explains the design review training for our DIRC design department

      "The Octonauts" is an animation produced by the British company Silvergate. The film uses the ocean as the stage for the story and integrates action, adventure, marine biology science courses, and preschool team collaboration. Currently, The domestic copyright holder is Wanda Baby King.

       The animation tells the story of an undersea exploration team composed of eight cute little animals. They live in the mysterious base-Octopus Castle, and are ready to set out at any time to solve submarine distress and eliminate possible dangers on the seabed.




Digression: Why do companies engage in animation IP licensing cooperation?

       Animation derivative products are the most important part of the animation industry, mainly including animation-related games, clothing, toys, food, stationery, catering, amusement parks, daily necessities, decorations, etc., with a wide range and many product types. It can be said that it is everywhere in life, and there is no doubt that it is a big industry.

      Enterprises use animation IP to produce derivatives, and the influence generated makes consumers remember and accept products faster, and the popularity of brand products is rapidly increased.

       The scale of my country's animation IP licensing industry ranks among the top in the world. It has been developed for more than 20 years. The market size is huge, and the application fields of the animation IP licensing industry will be further expanded in the future development. The animation licensing market has attracted the attention of more and more brand companies because it covers a wide range of people and has a large market development space.

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