New product launch in July
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As the market continues to change, society continues to progress, and people's needs are constantly upgrading, new products need to be developed to open up a larger market. In order to meet user expectations, Yunzhicai has rapid market response capabilities and strong new product design and development Ability to conduct consumer research during product pre-development and always grasp the latest market trends. More than a dozen new products are launched every month to continuously meet the various needs of consumers.


       On July 8, a July new product launch conference was held at Yunzhicai Dongguan Operation Center. This was the first time our company used the well-known animation IP "Undersea Column" as the theme for a series of new product launches.


Product introduction:

3D fun colored clay, 12-color, 24-color, 36-color conventional colored clay consumables, handmade by children of appropriate age, food-grade raw materials, smooth and delicate, fast shaping, rich in play methods, long-lasting use, and can be restored by adding water after drying.


Product introduction:

3D Impression Color Clay, 6 colors, 8 colors, 12 colors, 18 colors, 24 colors, regular medium cup color clay, appropriate amount and double sealed, can be stored for a long time and used repeatedly. After drying, add an appropriate amount of water and put it in the cup to restore the original color. Same number, easy to open and use.


Product introduction:

Luminous light clay, 12 colors, 24 colors, 36 colors packaging, new environmentally friendly luminous powder formula, after being illuminated by sunlight and other light sources, the light energy is stored in the clay, and is released in the form of fluorescence in a dark environment, absorbing The more light energy, the brighter and longer the luminous effect will be


Product introduction:

Zero-boron ultra-light clay, 12-color, 24-color, 36-color packaging, brand-new zero-borax technology, zero heavy metals, safe to contact, while ensuring the ductility of the clay, no odor, no allergies, and natural wheat flour fragrance.


Product introduction:

Fruit-colored gouache/fruit-colored acrylic paint, natural primary colors, 12 colorful fruit colors, a customized pigment combination based on the natural tones of fruits, similar to the primary colors of fruits, closer to the color of natural fruits, including lemon yellow, orange, orange, There are 12 classic fruit colors such as strawberry red. Just outline the shape of the fruit and fill in the colors, which can help children draw vivid works easily and quickly.


Product introduction:

Macaron color gouache/macaron color acrylic paint, 12-color packaging, macaron color has always been the "darling" in the visual department, the fresh healing style and sweet and refreshing characteristics are deeply loved, the core of macaron color The characteristic is the "pink feeling", which always looks "pink": pink, pink blue, pink purple, pink green... At the same time, warm and bright colors are generally used to highlight the "candy color" and "warm and healing" visual feeling. The colors are fresh and bright, suitable for children's coloring paintings, handmade paintings, and warm and sweet style creations.


Product introduction:

Fluid bear pendant DIY, four theme colors: dreamy starry sky, light pink macaron, light green and fresh, dark metal. Domestic trendy image products, the unique finished product effect is in line with the independent personality of young people, fluid acrylic paint, the preparation and production process is relaxing and comfortable, suitable for parent-child crafts, each fluid bear finished product is unique and cannot be copied, increasing the interest in creation and collection.


Product introduction:

3D line lamp DIY, three types of packaging: moon-shaped, heart-shaped, star-shaped. The style is beautiful, warm and versatile, suitable for event scenery, handicraft projects, home furnishings and gifts. Children's educational crafts can cultivate hand-eye coordination and sense of space. It is easy to make. According to the instructions, children can also make exquisite finished products and improve their confidence. The three-dimensional molding effect is good, it does not deform or collapse, the glue is delicate and soft, it does not hurt your hands, and the luminous effect is warm and romantic.


Product introduction:

3D relief painting, three types of plaster painting packaging, no additional mixing of matching pigments required, you can draw exquisite finished products by following the painting steps, and you can create master-level effects with no painting skills. Using nano-gypsum board imitation porcelain material, the surface is fine and smooth, the pigment absorption is full and even, the relief template with glossy effect is three-dimensional and vivid, the details are overly natural, there are no burrs and dead corners, and the overall layering is rich and distinct.

2022/08 / 16 Yunzhicai August new product launch conference
Yunzhicai August new product launch conference
The entire three-in-one process of hand-made painting, clay, and structure is made of high-quality clay (passed the 65-degree/12-hour test). The 300-gram white ...
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