Happy Growth Draws Dreams - Shuntian Town Launches Care for Left behind Children and Celebrates Chil
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       On the morning of May 27th, the People's Government of Shuntian Town, Heyuan City, together with caring enterprises, held a celebration of Children's Day to care for left behind children at Shuntian Town Central Primary School. Yun Zhicai, as a caring donation enterprise, and Liu Tingshu, the director of Yun Zhicai Children's Art Museum, and several teachers, as representatives of the enterprise, participated in the event.

快乐成长 绘出梦想——顺天镇开展关爱留守儿童暨庆祝“六一”儿童节活动(图1)

快乐成长 绘出梦想——顺天镇开展关爱留守儿童暨庆祝“六一”儿童节活动(图2)

快乐成长 绘出梦想——顺天镇开展关爱留守儿童暨庆祝“六一”儿童节活动(图3)

快乐成长 绘出梦想——顺天镇开展关爱留守儿童暨庆祝“六一”儿童节活动(图4)

       The parents of the children go out to work to make a living, using hard work and wisdom to obtain family income, and making contributions to economic development and social stability. However, their children stay at home in rural areas and spend very little time with their parents, including in mainland cities where both parents go out to work in bustling cities. These children, who should have been the apple of their parents' eyes, have all become a special vulnerable group - left behind children. They are the care that the future of our country needs. This activity goes into the hands of left behind children, filling their inner gaps.

快乐成长 绘出梦想——顺天镇开展关爱留守儿童暨庆祝“六一”儿童节活动(图5)

快乐成长 绘出梦想——顺天镇开展关爱留守儿童暨庆祝“六一”儿童节活动(图6)

快乐成长 绘出梦想——顺天镇开展关爱留守儿童暨庆祝“六一”儿童节活动(图7)

快乐成长 绘出梦想——顺天镇开展关爱留守儿童暨庆祝“六一”儿童节活动(图8)

       通By carrying out this activity, we can gain a deeper understanding of the needs of left behind children, create a good atmosphere for their learning, life, and physical and mental health development, and encourage the whole society to care for and love left behind children, encouraging them to strive for self-improvement, learn self-learning, self-care, self-care, self-improvement, and self-discipline, become strong in life, and enjoy the happiness and joy of life.

快乐成长 绘出梦想——顺天镇开展关爱留守儿童暨庆祝“六一”儿童节活动(图9)

快乐成长 绘出梦想——顺天镇开展关爱留守儿童暨庆祝“六一”儿童节活动(图10)

快乐成长 绘出梦想——顺天镇开展关爱留守儿童暨庆祝“六一”儿童节活动(图11)

快乐成长 绘出梦想——顺天镇开展关爱留守儿童暨庆祝“六一”儿童节活动(图12)

       Let more people care for left behind children, get close to them, let everyone give a little love, and make left behind children no longer lonely and lonely.

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